“Farewell Library Tour”

Warm up 

We are just a group of men who lead others, there are no professionals here, you have to pay for them, this is free. If your sue happy spill your Dunkin coffee but don’t confuse them with me cause I and we don’t have anything and your being told you can’t sue any of us. If you can’t do something we are doing tailor it for yourself, but do something and get stronger 

23 cherry pickers

23 fairy jacks

23 Moroccan night club

The thang 

Snowflake plank 1 minute 

23 mountain climbers 

Snowman shuffle to the stairs, up the stairs, and down the stairs, and back around

 23 merkins

23 LBB

Stairs Tour

23 squats 

23 American hammers 

Stairs Tour

Bear crawl  (side lot) light poles and back

23 big boys 

23 calf raises

3rd F 

Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”

We all come here daily, weekly, monthly or once upon a time, Specially this location has been once a week, as the iron has sharpened a mighty strong blade here it has allowed us to slice open the seems. This piece of iron has upheld the mission of F3, plant, serve, and grow. When this location was planted it only served a small group which has now grown and out grown our iron. 

As it says in Proverbs 20:4, “Sluggards do not plow in season; so at harvest time they look but find nothing” 

Clearly this group of HIM is not sluggards as harvest time has come here and there’s plentiful crop to carry into the next chapter…

Thank you to those who came, gritted it out, and have grown a bountiful crop of HIM

23 Freddy mercury 

23 reverse crunches 

Stairs Tour

23 dips 

23 merkins 

Stairs Tour

Ruxpin Homage Addition

Chappie Homage Addition

Sherlock Book reading Addition (Wall Sit 1:23 Seconds)

HIM performed 23 reps, as a remembrance of the year we left the library for our new site.


We are growing, check groupme for updates, but not TRex’s post

Prayers- Rosco’s Friend as he recovers from a medical issue.

10 HIM posted on the snowy library finale.

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