Author name: Chappie

Roll & Rock

QIC: Chappie

Date: 2/28/23

A double-deuce of PAX (22) won #thatfirstbattle and posted for YHC’s Roll & Rock workout: I.e. Roll the dice and rock out the reps and run. So it could be called Reps & Run as well, but that’s just not as catchy. YHC has been on a hiatus so it was good to be back out in the Gloom. Welcome to this morning’s two FNG’s: Lil’ Joe (yes, Hoss brought him) and Snagglepuss; so named because he posted last week, but he exited Stage Left after YHC Rick Rolled him. IYKYK. Oh, there were many other nickname options like Houdini, Stage Left, Casper, Walk-Off, etc., however, when an FNG states he doesn’t particularly like a name, well, he gets THAT name–it’s just the F3 way! Lol. Again, welcome to F3FirstState Lil Joe and Snagglepuss! That being said, here’s how things went down…

COP/Official Disclaimer given


  • SSH – 18 IC
  • Hip Circles – 10 L, 10 R OYO
  • The MOTIVATOR – Always a crowd-pleaser
  • Cherry Pickers – 18 IC
  • Imperial Walker – 15 IC

THE THANG: (no standing around, no stopping, only Planking acceptable)

The Brief: Roll the Dice & Rock the reps, then run. Clydesdales run the short lap (.27 miles); Shivering Whippets run the long block (.05 miles)

Round 1 – Rolled a 14

  • Burp-Jacks – 14
  • 4-Count Freddie’s – 14 IC
  • A2G Squats – 14 IC

Run around respective blocks

Shared 3rdF, check it out at this link:

Here’s YHC’s adapted hard copy:

This is from Skip Bertman when he was head baseball coach at LSU and led the Tigers to 5 National Championships: Let’s say you have 25 nickels to represent 25 guys on the team, in your group, or at your respective workplaces. (Bertman stacks the nickels)

Boy, they’re easy to stack, aren’t they? We can put ’em right on top…on top of one another, and you can stack all 25, not much of a problem. We can stay together, we can be one. But, boy, if you have one guy, bent out of shape, not in the system; some guy who’s not with it (kinda just settled on doing his own thing his own way). I guess we could carry him for awhile [places bent nickel on top of stack]. If you had two guys, maybe we can carry…maybe two guys like that [places 2nd bent nickel on stack]. But they can offer no foundation, you see. If they’re bent out of shape, not with the team, group, or company) there’s no chance that we’re going to be able build on top of these guys [places bent nickels on bottom and tries placing others on top]. There’s no chance they can help any of us. If we try and put ’em in the middle and we try and stack some guys on them, but they’re bent out of shape—their altitudes are different than the rest…it’s just not going to happen, boys! [Bertman places bent nickels in middle with nickels on top, they fall]. You can’t be bent out of shape (just doing your own thing, in your own way, if your part of something bigger). HIM gotta be with the team (the group, the company and they gotta stay together and gotta be One as they strive to carry out the mission of that team, group, or company that hired them. Or as Skip Bertman said, “You gotta remember the nickel demonstration.”

Time to roll again…

Round 2 – Rolled a 6

  • Bearcrawl out/Crawlbear back (count only left step) – 6 steps
  • Dying Cockroaches – 6 IC (double count)
  • Lunges (count only left step) – 6 out/back

Run respective blocks

Round 3 – Rolled a 15

  • Hand-Release Merkins – 15 OYO
  • Triple Threat Gas Pumpers (side-middle-side) – 15 IC
  • MJB’s – 15

Omaha due to time: All PAX run short block

  • Clydesdale total run distance = .81 miles
  • Shivering Whippets total run distance = 1.27 miles

Note to self: Mumblechatter Radar detected words to the effect, that, “We need to do some more running...”


  • Number-Rama – 22 PAX
  • Name-O-Rama – FNG’s named Lil Joe & Snagglepuss
  • Announcements: Happy 51st Birthday to RuxpinREEESPECT! ShamRuck (family ruck) coming up Friday, March 17 @ 6:30. Stepping off from the Aegis AO. ShamRuck FAQ’s: see Deez.
  • Prayers: T-Rex’s dad; travel mercy for Chauffer; Blockbuster’s success going before Soldier-of-the-Month Board today, etc., and for God to help us all to be HIM instead “bent nickels”

YHC is glad to be back out. Thanks men!

Chappie, out!

Ye Old 4×4

PAX: Baaa, Chappie, Chattahoochee, Chauffer, Drago, Fireplex, Flat Bottom, Focker, Probe, Quattro, Rooster, Roscoe, Ruxpin, Semi, Streudel, T-Rex, Whirlybird, Wildwing, Woodstock,

QIC: Chappie

DATE: 1/31/23

PAX at CHOP won #thatfirstbattle and posted for yet another surprise Chappie Q, who stood in the gap for Bunt who “called in sick.” YHC jumped at the opportunity and jumped into action with an oldie but a goodie–Ye Old 4×4! That is, 4 corners around the block x 4 exercises at each corner, plus the transitions from corner to corner around the CHOP’s .5 mile square. This workout has been done before and has been returned to from time to time as a bit of a measuring stick. It has been awhile, so…


YHC was all set up for a good warmup and completely forgot Roscoe was scheduled for his VQ Warm-O-Rama. Fortunately said PAX was mingling in the circle and ready to go. YHC doesn’t recall all the warm-up exercises, but kudos to Roscoe who did a great job leading. Thanks brother for being ready and NOT slipping into the shadows thinking maybe you could just do it another time. After that, off we went to get in the 4×4…


PAX moseyed from the AO to the dentist office parking lot

Corner #1: Merkins (Corner of Union & Tobin)

  • 05 Diamond Merkins
  • 10 Ranger Merkins
  • 15 Regular Merkins
  • 20 Hand-Release Merkins

Transition to next corner: Lt. Danger to light pole, Mosey to corner #2…

Corner #2: Abs (Corner of Tobin & Mulberry)

  • 20 X’s & O’s
  • 20 E2K’s
  • 35 4-Count Freddie’s IC – A real crowd-pleaser
  • 60 Dying Cockroaches

Transition to next corner: Bearcrawl to power pole, Dragoncrawl to light pole, Karaoke rest of the way

**3rdF attached below was shared here after a 10-count (see below)

Corner #3: Legs (Corner of Mulberry & Willow)

  • 18 Smurf Jacks IC
  • 30 Calf-Raises OYO
  • The Bolt 45
  • 05 Compass Squats (Omaha’d from 10 for time’s sake)

Transition to next corner: 50% Jailbreak to church driveway, 75% Jailbreak to next corner)

Corner #4: Full body (Corner of Willow & Union)

  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Plank Jacks (4-count)
  • 05 8-Count Body Builders (Omaha’d from 10 for time’s sake)
  • 10 Mule Kicks

Transition back to AO: Just a good ol’ fashioned Mosey

Returned to the AO at 0602 hrs. (apologies to the PAX). Had a few extras ready just in case there was time:

  • Jack Webb
  • Hands of Time

**3rdF shared at Corner #3:

In the OT book of Exodus, Ch. 7 begins a record Moses’ repeated visits with Pharaoh (King/Ruler) of Egypt to plead with him to “Let my people go!” God called Moses to lead Israel out of 430 years of Egyptian slavery. Each time Moses met with Pharoah he said no, or he said yes, only to turn around and recant Israel’s release to freedom.

Throughout this exchange with Pharoah, Moses warned with plague after plague–10 to be exact–and repeatedly we read that Pharaoh hardened his heart. But we also read the peculiar verse in Ex. 9:12 which says “the Lord hardened Pharoah’s heart.” I’ve always wondered about this, even at times fearing that God, in my own stupidity and rebellion, might harden my heart. But this goes against the concept of Free Will (the idea the we have the ability to interact with God voluntarily and NOT under compulsion).

I want to share some thoughts on this I recently discovered that helped me understand the verse. “Maybe you have your own thoughts on this verse, but let’s look at it another way–through the lens of a metaphor: Let’s say God is the sun, and let’s say Pharaoh is a leaf that IS NOT connected to the vine, and Moses is a leaf connected to the vine.

Now keep in mind the verse in John 15:5 where Jesus says, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit.” We know the sun is the same today, forever, and always, but it will have a drastically different effect on the leaf that is connected to the vine, compared to the one that is not. The sun causes the vine and everything connected to it to flourish and to have life in itself. While on the other hand, it causes the unattached leaf to harden, shrivel up, and to eventually die. The same sun, the same leaves. The difference is one is connected to the Vine and one is not.” (Source: kingdom.story.films )


  • Number-Rama – 19 PAX
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements: Take a look at the nation site and check out the information for GRT Event coming up in D.C. Mar 24, 25, 26. This is THE premier F3 event. Sign Up today.
  • BOM/Prayer: Praise for the outcome/justice in the trial mention in previous prayers; strong finish for Swartz’ wrestling season and for his school work as his marking period is coming to a close; prayers for YHC’s parishioner who lost her husband to suicide yesterday; prayers for Bunt to get well soon and return to action; prayers for other requests mentioned–forgotten as of this writing by YHC, but never forgotten by Sky-Q, our great God and King who will continue to keep our hearts pliable and teachable and full of life IF we remain connected to Him through faith in Jesus.

Always honored to Q and appreciate the call from Bunt to fill in.

Chappie, out!

Moving Parts, Too Many?

Date: 1/12/23

QIC: Chappie

YHC jumped in to fill the gap as requested by Bunt who was out of town. 23 PAX won #thatfirstbattle and posted for yet another multi-station workout, which YHC confesses may have had too many moving parts. Nonetheless, those who did the work got “gassed”–says Quattro. Several PAX dressed in red to honor Cardinal from F3Knoxville, who actually collapsed and died during his VQ just yesterday, 1/11. (Forgive Streudel’s laughter in Name-O-Rama, he wasn’t aware why the PAX next to him announced “Cardinal!“) Cardinal leaves behind his M, Andrea, and 2 young children, Clay and Evie. Our hearts go out to the family and F3 PAX who were with him when he died. There are no guarantees that we’ll have our next breath…let’s live like it! And let’s be prepared for eternity!

As mentioned, there may have been too many moving parts. Still, here’s how it all went down…


  • SSH – 51 IC
  • Imperial Squat Walker – 15 IC
  • Tempo Merkins – 10 IC
  • Italian Night Club – 51 IC
  • Cherry Pickers – 15 IC

>>>>>>Mosey to H.O.B.


PAIR UP for Stations: Run counter-clockwise aroun stations, stopping to do the workour (if bags are available)

CONE #1 • 40lb sandbags – 40 OH Presses, then go to next station; if there’s no sandbag, keep running all the way around…

CONE #2 • 40lb sandbags – 40 Sandbag Curls, go to next…

CONE #3 • Long Sit/Cross Legs – 30 reps, Single Count (Grab a card, do exercise, before moving on. KEEP YOUR CARDS!)

CONE #4 • 40lb GORUCK BAGS – 10 Sandbag Burpees (clean & toss), go to next…

CONE #5 • 20lb Medicine Balls – 10 OH Squat Thrust & Catch or Slams, go to next.

CONE #6 • X’s & O’s – 25 Single count (Grab a card, do exercise, before moving on. KEEP YOUR CARDS!)

CLOSING GAME OF WAR:  2 lines/2 teams: I. De. Clare. War! Winners: No exercise Losers: Exercise on winning card.


  1. Move in Pairs
  2. Spread out among 6 stations/directions are in chalk at each CONE.
  3. GOAL: Keep moving! Rule: If you see a PAX walking you may Grab a card from the deck, charge them with it (they do exercise) AND you get to exchange it with and keep the highest card from their hand (no exercise charged to you!)
  4. If there’s no bags at a station, rock on! (Keep running till you’re able come around and complete all stations.)
  5. After each time at the ab stations (3&6), grab card from deck, do the exercise, but keep your cards to the end. Try to get 3 cards.
  6. Once you’ve done a station you’ve completed that station. By-pass it if already done. DO NOT throw down actual sandbags!

Bonus: RETURN TO AO WITH ALL THE COUPONS, AND WITH WATER IN MOUTH (Spit it out/Swallow it no Burpees!) Due to time no Burpees were rewarded, however, several PAX did them after BOM. Growing success—most of the PAX succeeded at this crazy exercise invented by the Apache Indians (who ran great distances while holding water in their mouths)

Wait a second! 23 PAX/24 Waters…who didn’t drink up?

3rdF shared prior to the round of I Declare War:

Navy Seal, Admiral McRaven, told this training story during a commencement address:

He said, “Every day during training you were challenged with multiple physical events. Long runs. Long swims. Obstacles courses. Hours of calisthenics, something designed to test your mettle. Every event had standards, times you had to meet. If you failed to meet those times, those standards, your name was posted on a list. And at the end if the day those on the list were invited to a circus.

A circus was 2 hours of additional calisthenics, designed to wear you down, to break your spirit, and to force you to quit. No one wanted a circus. A circus meant for that day that you didn’t measure up. A circus meant more fatigue, and more fatigue meant that the following day would be more difficult, and more circuses were likely. But at some time during training everyone, everyone, made the circus list.

An interesting thing happened to those who were constantly on the list: Over time those students who did 2 hrs. of extra calisthenics got stronger and stronger; the pain of the circuses built inner strength and physical resiliency.

Life is filled with circuses. You will fail. You will likely fail often. It will be painful. It will be discouraging. At times it will test you to your very core. IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD—don’t be afraid of the circuses!”

In 1 Cor. 9:24-27 Paul used this kind of physical training as an illustration to tell of something of greater importance—living for Christ.

Don’t you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such way that you may win. And everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. (More important.) Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air; but I beat my body [discipline] and make it my slave, lest possibly, after I have preached to others, I myself should be disqualified.”

The Bible gives this allegory to tell us that to cross the finish line effectively it’s going to take work. Not to earn it, but it just takes work AND because, like any athlete or any man, there will be times when we just don’t feel like putting in the work [out]. T.D. Jakes reminds us, “Your feelings will never cooperate with your dreams. Beat your feelings into captivity. Because when you beat your feelings into captivity, that is what discipline is!”

This sounds like Admiral McRaven, except that it stretches across the spectrum from physical training to the things we face in our everyday world… “Life is filled with circuses. You will fail. You will likely fail often. It will be painful. It will be discouraging. At times it will test you to your very core.”  IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR HOME, YOUR WORKPLACE, YOUR COMMUNITY, AND YOUR WORLD—IF YOU WANT TO BE A H.I.M., don’t be afraid of the circuses!” [Anticipate and expect to do the extra work]


  • Name-O-RAMA – 23 PAX
  • Announcements: SLT Meeting tonight @ Tequila Real, 6:30 pm; Roving RuckF3st Friday stepping off at Georgetown Circle in the Gloom; Quattro need girls clothing and school supplies for trip to girls orphanage
  • Prayers: Quattro as he’s preparing for mission trip to El Salvador; Cardinal’s M and children and the PAX with Cardinal when he died during the workout.

Honored to stand in for Bunt in his absence, thankful for the opportunity to Q

Chappie, out!

Stations Everyone!

DATE: 12/27/22

QIC: Chappie

19 PAX won that first battle and posted at CHOP to take part in YHC’s 200th Post celebration with a good old fashioned stations workout. Truth be told YHC’s been working on this one for weeks, brainstorming and adding items to the 3×5 card on his desk as his Q crept closer. Here’s the 411, the skinny, the low-down…


  • SSH – 25 IC
  • Seal Jack – 21 IC (or, something like that; got rep-jacked by PAX who wets himself every time SSH’s are called)
  • Swartzjack – 18 IC
  • Crab Flippers – 16 IC


YHC took a brief to explain the stations

Partner Up – Work through stations at each cone.

The WHOLE Idea: KEEP MOVING! thru the 10 STATIONS: (not necessarily in this order, follow instructions on paper at each cone)

  • 20 Abyss Merkins
  • Firehose Pulls (partner resist, cone to cone) Safety brief: Resisting… DO NOT faceplant partner!!
  • 20 Partner Big Boys (interlock/hold ankles)
  • Chairman Lap: 0.27 miles
  • 10 Swerkins
  • 40 Curls for the Girls (w/Cindy)
  • 10 Compass Squats (THE crowd pleaser of the day)
  • 20 Patty Cake Merkins
  • Sandbag Steps (single leg over parking blocks – down & back)
  • 10 Sandbag Burpees

CHANGE IT UP! Big Dice, 3 Options

+ ROLL SNAKE EYES: No Burpees/No run

+ ANYTHING but SNAKE EYES = 18 Burpees/Long Run (a 0.50 mile mosey around the block)

+ NO ROLL, JUST RUN: Choose the hard thing & do it. No gambles, no negotiations. Just a choice.

3rdF Shared Near End of Workout

TRex asked on Saturday how we did over the past year in achieving our goals. Not many of us responded. Unfortunately that’s probably more often the case than not. In fact, many won’t set goals because they know they’re not likely to keep them, and, therefore, won’t even take the time to seriously think through setting goals.

I can’t say that Ruxpin’s goal was to post for 200 workouts this year. Personally, it was in the back of my mind and perhaps a small’ish goal, but YHC’s real goal was simply to be consistent. Consistency meant working out after being all night helping 2.0’s with issues and dead tired, working out with a head full of snot, working out in the rain, the snow, the hot, the cold, or working out when I just didn’t feel like getting out of the Fartsack. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, I post because I know you guys will be here. I honestly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for knowing you’re all going to be here. The patch for 100 workouts or 200 workouts isn’t the real reward, CONSISTENCY itself is the reward! I love that F3 is a community of consistency! I heard the quote recently that, “Commitment gets you started, but consistency takes you to the finish.”

So maybe last year you committed to some goals, but came up short because you lacked the consistency to follow through. Keep in mind we have to live out consistency exactly where God has placed us. Maybe things got changed up in the past year. Doesn’t matter, live it out where God placed you. That may mean sacrifice, serving others, or stepping in somewhere to make a difference. (Somewhere uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but nonetheless where you’re called to make a difference.)

Consistency isn’t a once-and-done thing; not once a month, not once a week, but everyday…and sometimes even hourly or moment by moment, depending on the curveball life throws at you. I’ve talked about consistency in posting for workouts, and while consistency here is great and you will benefit by it in Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith—you become stronger, gain endurance, and lose weight; you build deeper and lasting camaraderie; and your belief system/faith is shored-up on a firmer foundation—all of these are only a microcosm of what’s going on in the real world. So consistency, as we’re heading into a 2023 may require making some changes or taking some new steps. Maybe not New Year’s resolutions per se, but commitment to more attainable goals. Goals which are not “possible”, but are better labeled instead as “probable.”

Make changes and take steps that’ll help you live consistently for the Lord, your family, your workplace and for the communities in which you live and serve. That way when crisis comes, your consistency will trump its challenges, there will be no need to panic. You’ll stay committed to family, job, friends, to achieving your goals…especially if you’re first commitment is to the Lord and consistency in your daily walk with Him. Start 2023 by intentionally renewing your commitment to Him. But don’t forget: Commitment only gets you started, consistency takes you to the finish! Be HIM and be consistent.

Each group finished up their last station(s) and YHC called it a wrap: (All made it through the stations at least once)


  • Number-Rama – 19 PAX said, “There’s a heatwave; it’s back up to 24 degrees so I’m posting!”
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements: SLT (Shared Leadership Team meeting scheduled for Thu. evening Jan. 12, 2023 for strategic planning, etc. Details/Location/Agenda TBD). YHC honored to be among the 2 @f3firstState PAX to earn the 200 Posts patch. #earnednevergiven
  • Prayer: No specific personal; requests offered up besides prayer for those in our Armed Forces away from home over the Holidays and for our first responders.

Always love Q’ing. Thanx to all the men who stuck around to help put gear away.

Chappie, out! Aye!


Hill, Yeah!

DATE: 11/17/22

QIC: Chappie

F3 First State doesn’t have hills by comparison to some other regions, we’re on the coast of Delaware and it would be nothing short of proper to call us “flat-landers.” Nonetheless, what hills we have we try to utilize. One location was fondly dubbed “Oh Hill No!” a number of years ago; its a grassing hill that rises to the Milton, DE water tower. Another is the hill on the street adjacent to it, aptly referred to as Merlot Hill–yes, that’s the reason why–and yes, the FNG was promptly given that nickname. Anyway, today it wasn’t “Oh, hill no!” it was “Oh, hill yeah! Like YHC said, we don’t have many [real] hills, so it was simply time to embrace the suck. But…it all started with a VQ Warm-O-Rama by the one and only Deez.


  • Moroccan Night Club – 26 IC
  • Merkins – 10 OYO
  • Cherry Pickers – 21 IC
  • Merkins – 10 OYO
  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Merkins – 10 IC
  • Chairman Lap

Great job by a self-confessed very anxious Deez on his first time ever Warm-O-Rama


PAX prepared to mosey to Merlot Hill, YHC divvied up some restrictor plates (1 40lb sandbag/2 20lb sandbags) among the normally faster PAX for making our .5 mile trek to the hill. Cool thing happened, PAX passed them around the entire journey there and back. In an act of genuine camaraderie every HIM embraced the suck.

Once at the base of the hill YHC set us up for a set of 11’s (i.e. not enough time for 21’s). Sandbags? Well, grab one whenever it becomes available either on your way up the hill or on your way down. They were vying for these things! Crazy PAX! Sandbags are for kids.

Big Boys at the bottom, 1 – Merkins at the top, 10 (Keep going until the numbers are switched 10 – 1)

For the PAX on teams participating in the @F3Alliance Merkins & Miles Challenge, the wrap up was an additional 10 Merkins to get to a total of 100 during the workout.

Midway through the set of 11’s YHC circled-up PAX for the following 3rdF:

If you’ve ever had a long year then you can probably relate to the lyrics of Toby Mac’s song titled Faithfully. Lyrics:

It’s been a long year

It almost took me down, I swear

Life was so good

I’m not sure we knew what we had

I’ll never be the same man

I’ll never feel like I felt before

It’s been a hard year

It almost took me down

Refrain But when my world broke into pieces

You were there faithfully

When I cried out to You, Jesus

You made a way for me

I may never be the same man (YHC’s commentary: Hard times change a man, for better or worse, depending upon who or what we depend…)

But I’m a man who still believes

When I cried out to You, Jesus

You were there faithfully

The song goes on to for several more verses… Refrain, Refrain, Refrain… Check out the full song here…

If you don’t know; the story behind the song is that Toby Mac and his wife lost their oldest son, Truitt, to an overdose in Oct. 2019.

I’ve never lost a child, and I won’t even pretend to know the pain of that experience. But he does say that Jesus was there faithfully. And I don’t know if anybody in this circle has experienced losing a child, but I can tell you this: Whatever the cause, we’ve all experienced, or will experience, some REALLY long/hard years.

  • I’ve pastored a church where for the first few years a small group of people wanted my head on a platter…non-stop! They were hard years!
  • I inexplicably went through 2 years of depression where I was immobilized, then tormented, daily, by plans of ending it all. (Thank you to Ruxpin for speaking about this recently…guys find it extremely difficult to broach this subject, but it has to be talked about.)
  • I’ve faced long years with each of my boys, wondering if they’d ever turn the corner

And I’m certain you’ve had long years too! Regardless of whatever it was that made that year (those years) long, the truth that matters most, and the one we sometimes need to look for to see is that…

(Refrain adapted) …when my world broke into pieces God was there faithfully | When I cried out to You, Jesus | You made a way for me | I may never be the same man | But I’m a man who still believes | When I cried out to You, Jesus | You were there faithfully

That’s Toby Mac’s testimony, and it’s so relatable because it’s ours too! Yet it’s not the promise of the song that captures us, but rather it is the promise of Scripture:

  • In Deut. 31: 6-8 Moses told Joshua 2x, “Be strong and courageous…God is the One who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.” (Comment: Sometimes we need to hear it from someone else.)
  • In 1 Chron. 28:20 David said to Solomon, “Be strong and courageous, and act; Do not fear nor be dismayed…for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you nor forsake you.” (Comment: Promises of God also have to be passed down from generation to generation. Others must hear it from us that “My God, the One true God, the God in whom I have come to trust, is with you.)
  • The promise is found also in 1 Kings 8:57 “May the Lord our God be with us…may He not leave us nor forsake us.” (Comment: Here it a blessing we’re calling down upon ourselves.)
  • And in Joshua 1 God spoke directly to Joshua and promises him 2x in the first nine verses: “I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you.” And, “For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (vv.5, 9) (Comment: While we may need to hear it from others, or while we may be speaking forth this promise to someone who needs to hear it; the greatest moments are when we hear God speaking directly to us. BUT…that means we have to be listening. These promises are for those listening and longing to hear from God, to walk with God, and to trust Him and pursue Him with their whole heart. They are not for those pursuing a life without Him. …long silent pause…)

We find the same promise(s) in the NT:

  • In a passage referred to as the Great Commission, in Matt. 28:20 Jesus’ parting words to His followers included the same promise, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth, “Go therefore [in My authority] and [as you are going] make disciples [followers of Christ] of all nations [people groups], baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you,” and here it is: “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
  • One last place the promise is found is Hebrews 13:5 “…for He [Jesus] Himself said, “I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you.”

Anytime something is repeated, it’s because we need to hear it [again!]. And I don’t know who needs to be assured of this today, or who will need to hear this promise’s echo in the future, but it is God’s promise to us; one that we can all likely attest is true, that when everything breaks into pieces, when we’re in our darkest hour, and when we’ve come to a place of pain that we’ve never felt before, or when it has just simply turned into a long year, Jesus will be there with us faithfully. For “He will never leave us nor forsake us.” HIM rely on the Lord [especially] during those times.

After PAX wrapped their remaining rounds of 11’s, we grabbed the restrictor plates and headed back to the AO. Again, in a genuine display of camaraderie PAX were vying over the sandbags. Gimme, gimme, gimme…in a very unselfish and selfless way!


  • Number-Rama – 19 PAX won THAT FIRST BATTLE and posted in yet another glorious Gloom
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements: Turkey Day workout will be a full hour (05:15 – 06:15 hrs.), followed by Coffeeteria at Quattro’s, followed by a few hours of killing targets. (BYOG – Bring Your Own Guns & BYOB – Bring Your Own Bullets, or just show up and get a feel for shooting. Ah…I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning! …sorry, there will be no Napalm.)
  • PRAYERS: For Rob; for the family who lost their 21-yr-old son to a heart attack; for a couple of other requests slipping YHC’s mind as of the writing of this Backblast. Nonetheless, God knows, He remembers)

Always a privilege to Q. Honored.

Chappie out, Aye!

Bean 1, Bean 2

DATE: 10/18/22

QIC: Chappie

Kudos to Beeker (Hospital name: Corbin Bean) for getting in his VQ Warm-O-Rama. Great job brother; it was awesome for YHC (Hospital name: Todd Bean) to tag-team with you and get you into the Q rotation.

Here’s how it all went down this Gloom:


Um…yeah, YHC has little recollection of everything we did, but it was well executed and sufficient for getting our heart rates up and warming up the PAX for the following


Had to start with a Bearcrawl across the freshly resealed parking lot. Boom! After years of complaints by those who have soft and supple hands, it has to be said: That thing is clean. PAX just couldn’t wait to use it!

PAX grouped up in gaggles of 5–couldn’t have planned it better; there were 20 PAX and we needed 4 groups for 4 stations:

  • Station #1: At this station groups had to Prison Break to Willow St, and Mosey back. This was the time-setter station, as after PAX went down a back groups would move to the next station.
  • Station #2: Swerkins AMRAP. How about that? 5 PAX in each group and 5 swings for Swerkins.
  • Station #3: Curb-Stop Leg-lifts AMRAP How about that? 5 PAX in each groups and 5 curb stops for Leg Lifts
  • Station #4: The follow done w/our girl Cindy: Curls AMRAP, Round 1; Overhead Press AMRAP, Round 2; Overhead Squat Press, Round 3.

Back to station #1, Rinse & Repeat AMRAP. PAX rotated through the stations 3x, taking a 3rdF breather mid-way, after which YHC got in the old stand-by Side-Straddle-Hops, then Seal Jacks, before resuming the workout. Somewhere in there we snuck in a Chairman Lap, before closing out with a short round of Mary: 4-Count Freddies – 25 IC, courtesy of YHC, and Superman/Banana, courtesy of Quattro

The following 3rdF shared by our Q, Chappie:

In the year 1519, Hernán Cortéz arrived along the Yucatan Coast off of Veracruz, Mexico with 600 (300?) men and, upon arriving and disembarking their ships, Cortés sounded the order to “burn the ships!” Before moving inland Cortéz destroyed 10 of his 11 ships, cutting off he and his men’s only hope of retreat and leaving them with no option but to conquer.

We can use this as a metaphor today to venture into new territories, to explore the unknown, and to take what we might see as potentially hazardous risks (followers of Christ cannot help but to take faith-filled risks). Sometimes, even when there is uncertainty we must burn the ships, we must lead others to burn the ships. I.e. we need to eliminate the off-ramps in our own lives, or maybe in our workplaces, our churches, our teams, etc., so that we can make certain we’re not avoiding the challenges, and make certain there is no turning back. (That’s a great hymn btw.)

In whatever the case may be the story of burning the ships is as relevant a metaphor as ever; for in many cases if you leave the ships in the harbor, you’re not fully committing to whatever the task, or mission, or vision might be.

We workout at O-Gawd-Thirty just about every morning because it’s part of the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges we’ve accepted. Why? Because F3 workouts increase your ability to be an asset in your home, your workplace, and the communities in which you serve. We do this “fitness, fellowship, and faith” stuff so that we’re more capable physically, mentally, & spiritually to lead our families & solve problems, etc. If we live in accordance with the mantra “burn the ships” it will serve as a metaphor for eliminating the excuses we’re prone to, and the backup plans we usually have in place. “Burn the ships” says the only option is to conquer, the only option is victory, the only option is to succeed! Burn the ships and you will have no other option!

There’s another man who said that. Well, actually, He said it a little differently: In Luke 9:23 Jesus said “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” You know, right after that in vv. 57-61 Jesus actually turned 3 people away, who said they would follow Him wherever He’d go. Each had excuses and Jesus called them out on it: One realized they’d be without a place to lay their heads, another wanted to wait until his after father died, and the third wanted to spend some time at home first. The context tells us they took the off-ramp; it implies they turned back instead of following Jesus. Then in v. 62 Jesus said, “No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

Gentlemen, HIM put their hand to the plow and never look back! (Ask the farmers…)

HIM take up their cross daily and follow Jesus.

Gentlemen, HIM “burn the ships!” Excuses are not an option.

YHC is always grateful for the opportunity to lead at @f3firststate. We have more and more PAX being added to the Q list (men are stepping up), so opportunities are becoming more sparse–a good problem to have! Hey, that’s what we’re about…planting, growing, and serving.


  • Announcements: Shirt order down to last day, 10/19 at midnight. 2.0 Workout this Saturday at the Aegis AO.
  • Prayers: Semi’s 2.0 traveling back to college; Quattro’s family fighting “the big green monster”; Fireplex’s Dad; and Ruxpin’s M; etc.
  • BOM

Chappie, out!

Burp to School Bash

Date: 8/2/22

QIC: Chappie

YHC took liberties to request being today’s Q for two reasons: 1) He wanted to jump start August’s Burp to School Challenge, and 2) He wanted to bring in his double-nickel birthday by serving up a stout offering of Burpees. However, not to be out-done Wildwing chimed in for his first “Triple Respect.” The guy is amazing! He’s been posting with a busted up ankle and a newly fused back that resulted from a head on collision in which he lost the love of his life (5/29/22). Tclaps and prayers, brother.

So here’s how it all went down:


  • SSH – 10 IC
  • Crab Flipper – 10 IC
  • Windmill – 15 IC
  • Lanco Special – 10 IC
  • Merkins – 55 OYO

To-Go Order: The rest of Warm-O-Rama was done on the way to H.O.B. Elementary. Since our mouths were full of water, the trick was to watch the Q and do what he was doing since YHC could not talk with his mouth full (that’s what mama said). On the way YHC led with Mosey, Nur, Butt Kickers, Karaoke one way, Karaoke the other, Mosey, High Knees, Toy Soldiers and Mosey. Those who reached the destination with water still in their mouth were awarded with 18 Burpees (freebies for PAX to withdraw from their August Burpee account). Shout out to all the victors, especially to Fireplex for the first-time win! Here’s a glimpse at what August will look like for F3 First State…

And now…


After winning PAX did their 18 Burpees, YHC shared his 3rdF message (see below). Then PAX paired up and did the infamous “Burp Back Mountain” on the side hill of the storm pond: Partner 1 runs to the bottom then Nurs back to the top, while Partner 2 is doing Burpees. Rinse and Repeat until all PAX pairs reach a cumulative 100 Burpees. Keep moving; as the sign said, “No Stopping, No Standing, No Parking. (To this point PAX potentially completed a total 68 Burpees.)

Wosey to the school entrance. Mosey back to the AO.

Once back the PAX took to the parking lot lines for Line Dance Burpees: Did 5 Burpees, jumping across the line between each rep. 2 Rounds of 5 (5-5) totaling 10 Burpees. Shout out to all the PAX who brought school supplies; keep up the good work men!

Total Burpees on the day = 83. PAX get to withdraw the amount equivalent to the school supplies they brought. The 2nd Annual Burp to School Challenge is on!

The Shirt Says It All

That’s a wrap! PAX circled up…


  • Number-Rama : 19 PAX (including FNG Blue Box)
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements/Prayers: Prayers for Fireplex’s dad, battling cancer; for Blockbuster, facing a big test today referred to as “the widow maker.”
  • YHC stood in for Semi today to transfer the CHOP shovel-flag today to new Site-Q Whirlybird. Welcome to the leadership circle, brother! And Tclaps to Semi for doing a great job as Site-Q and planting the shovel-flag for the last 2 years. Thanks brother!
New Site-Q Whirlybird (r)

Always a privilege to Q, especially when celebrating a berfday AND when launching the 2nd annual Burp to School Challenge. Great Coffeeteria followed as YHC’s M threw down with some of the best coffee cake on the planet!!

Chappie, out!

For today’s 3rdF, see the following…

Shared Pain Builds Trust (DREDD, Q Source, 137)

“About my 3rd week of Ranger School the instructors marched us to a pond in the outback of Ft. Benning. There in the water was a narrow ladder that ascended 40′ to a 4×4 Plank that spanned 40′ above and across the pond. The idea was to climb the ladder, walk the Plank and drop from the rope into the water, which was nasty and cold. There was no safety line–if you fell, you fell. It was dirty and dangerous. And, although it would’ve been an easy thing to do were it only 5′ off the ground, walking that forty feet of Plank forty feet above the water was one of the most difficult things I had ever done at that point in my life. It only took about 2 minutes to walk that Plank, but it felt like two hours.

In truth, I didn’t want to do it. I’m certain that very few of my fellow Ranger School students wanted to do it either. And some men, maybe 5%, didn’t do it. They wanted to graduate from Ranger School just as much as the rest of us, but something within them just would not let them climb that ladder, walk that plank and drop into that water. The stress was too much.

But the others, the ones who were able to overcome the dirt, danger, and difficulty, we learned something about ourselves and each other that dramatically strengthened the TRUST between us. It only took 2 minutes, but such is the power of dirty, dangerous, and difficult things to bond men together. Shared pain builds trust.

F3 has an acronym for the dirty, dangerous, and difficult things we do to build Trust. We call them CSAUPS, which stands for…. This satirical on our part because a CSAUP is neither stupid nor pointless, it is a very efficient way to share pain. A CSAUP can be an obstacle race, a GORUCK challenge, or a GROWRUCK weekend or anything else that provides the opportunity for dirt, danger, and difficulty. Completing it together tells the participants something about themselves and each other–that they are men upon whom others may safely rely. The nature of the event is not important. What matters is that the Q uses the CSAUP to apply stress to his Team to build the Trust-relationship between its members.”

YHC’s addition: I’ve never been one of those who teaches that if you just accept Jesus, your life will be perfect. The Scriptures say too much about suffering to think that way.

1 Peter 1:6-7 say, “In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith–of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire–may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.”

Though this month’s Burp to School Challenge may seem Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless it is neither stupid nor pointless: It’s a way for F3 First State to share pain AND to do something good in the midst of it (provide school supplies)…plus, we’ll all get stronger.


  • Trust is an essential element of shared leadership
  • Stress testing build reliance
  • Shared pain builds trust.

Bearmuda Highs

On Saturday 7/16 (yes, that’s right…if there’s no Backblast, it didn’t happen) 24 PAX won THAT FIRST BATTLE over the fartsack and posted for a new variation of the Bearmuda Triangle (keep reading below).


  • SSH – 10 IC
  • Bolt 45 (keep moving) – IC
  • “Lanco Special” – IC (YHC can’t remember what its called but he picked it up at Lanco, so…
  • ISW – 18 IC


Mosey around the block to County Building parking lot for YHC’s Bearmuda Highs, a variation of its close cousin, the Bearmuda Triangle, only this one keeps moving locations.

3 Cones, 50′ apart in a triangle

1st Set of Cones (1st Triangle)

  • Bearcrawl to Cone #2, 1 Burpee
  • Bearcrawl to Cone #3, 2 Burpees
  • Bearcrawl to Cone #1, 3 Burpees

Mosey to Library Parking Lot (Oops! Don’t forget the cones!)

2nd Set of Cones (2nd Triangle)

  • Crawlbear to Cone #2, 4 Hand-Release Burpees
  • Crawlbear to Cone #3, 5 Hand-Release Burpees
  • Crawlbear to Cone #1, 6 Hand-Release Burpees

Mosey to School Parking Lot (Take the cones with you!)

PAX took a quick breather here for 3rdF (See below), before returning to the Bearmuda Triangle

3rd Set of Cones (3rd Triangle)

  • Bearcrawl/Crawlbear to Cone #2, 7 Burpees/Hand-Release Burpees
  • Bearcrawl/Crawlbear to Cone #3, 8 Burpees/Hand-Release Burpees
  • Bearcrawl/Crawlbear to Cone #1, 9 Burpees/Hand-Release Burpees

Final round had to be done half & half: Bearcrawl/Crawlbear & Burpees/Hand-Release Burpees

Total Burpees = 45

PAX formed into 2 groups, lined up for parallel Snake Runs back to the AO.

Meanwhile back at the AO…PAX planked feet up around the circular planter for what turned out to be a “turrible” (think Sir Charles) round of the Wheel of Derkin, YHC Omaha’d this as it was taking forever to get all the way around the circle–we started going both directions. This took us from the Bearmuda Triangle to Bearmuda Highs because after all the Bearcrawls, Burpees and running, the Wheel of Derkin made the PAX a bit delirious (and gave us a cheap buzz).

Finally, a short round of Mary: Held feet at 6″, followed by 18 Gas Pumpers IC.


  • Number-Rama: 24 PAX
  • Name-O-Rama: Welcome FNG’s Pipe Lube & Rice Krispy
  • Announcements
  • Prayers
  • BOM

3rdF Shared Prior to the 3rd Set of Cones:

We talk about leadership, especially in men’s circles and in circles where we speak of “iron sharpening iron” (Prov. 27:17); we often borrow ideas, thoughts, & principles that express values that are prevalent in the military, where leadership is developed around potentially life/death situations.

After having served nearly 12 yrs in the Army National Guard I’ve seen some of the best leaders, but I’ve also seen some of the absolute worst (those familiar with Band of Brothers, think of Sobel). Personally, I’ve been both a good leader and a failed leader in my time in the military. I can say that even those failed experiences sharpened my ability to lead. It’s crucial that we continually learn from those experiences, from those who failed to lead well, and most importantly from those who did lead us well. We should not only borrow from their examples and teaching, but strive to live out the good examples.

Some of greatest military leaders come from the special operations realm. They have the most grueling assessments, evaluations, and training just to be picked to join their ranks–then the real training begins. There’s a lot of leadership training, and it’s the mental toughness that seems to count the most. When my nephew was going through Ranger School I told him a few times to “never give up what you want most (becoming a Ranger) for what you want in the moment (rest, relief, relaxation, food, etc.). We ALL do that too easily, too often! In fact, it’s the easy road!

Here’s four of the most important and valuable lessons one operator shared from his training and experiences in special ops that I think all leaders should adopt/develop:

1) ADAPTABILITY: Readiness for change. That’s why we’re “disrupters” as F3 HIM. We’ve declared in varied ways that we’ll not settle for the status quo. We’re following the lead of others who’ve brought about change, we’re following after an amazing servant-leader Savior who disrupted the status quo and brought about change, and we’re striving to be leaders who do the same. In order to do that, we must first train ourselves to be adaptable. Status quo kills! Jesus spoke of this when He said you can’t put new wine into old wineskins (Mt. 9:14-17)

2) EMOTIONAL STABILITY: This involves being able to make good decisions under pressure. Proverbs is chocked full of wisdom to help us develop the capacity to stay objective and deliver a high level of performance regardless of what we’re feeling. Important to us? Yes! But crucial to gaining, earning, keeping, and honoring the respect of those we lead! Proverbs 16:32 says, “He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.”

3) PERSPECTIVE: Leaders have to be able to carry on when the world seems to have turned against them. We have to keep our troubles in PROPER perspective so that we do not lose sight of what needs to be accomplished. In a world full of lone rangers, keep in mind that “in an abundance of counselors there is victory” (Prov. 11:14b). And “Without consultation, plans are frustrated” (Prov. 15:22). We must train our perspective, and often other eyes/wisdom/counsel is crucial to helping us see properly.

4) TENACITY: This goes well with the acronym we hear a lot – DFQ! What defines tenacity is never giving up! ILLUST.: In the 1912 Olympics, Jim Thorpe, an American Indian from OK represented the U.S. in track & field. On the morning of his competitions, his shoes were stolen. Jim ended up finding two shoes in the garbage. Those are the shoes he wore — one was too big, so he had to wear an extra pair of socks (different shoes and different socks!). Wearing those shoes, Jim won 2 Gold Medals that day. A perfect reminder of tenacity and that you don’t have to resign to the excuses that have held you back.

So, these are 4 valuable tools every HIM should develop consistently: ADAPTABILITY. EMOTIONAL STABILITY. PERSPECTIVE. TENACITY.

A Little Dicey

DATE: 19 May 22

QIC: Chappie

YHC and Focker were stand-ins for Mr. Mom, who pushed back his VQ to next Tue., May 24, as he was “feeling under the weather.” (Stay tuned) Focker adjusted to the change order and got in his VQ Warm-O-Rama. The guy’s a natural! Time to get him in the Q rotation. Focker warmed up the 14 PAX who won THAT FIRST BATTLE (over the fartsack) like this:


  • Disclaimer given
  • Finkle Swings – 10 each leg, OYO
  • Turn & Bounce – 15 IC
  • Windmill – 15 IC
  • MNC – 20 IC
  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Flutter Kicks – 20 IC

Focker said he forgot how hard it was to do cadence while exercising. But YHC observed that his old Army days came right back. The dude’s a natural! And major Tclaps to Focker: He just jumped into F3 a month or two ago and he just doesn’t miss! Consistency is key. Look up consistency in the dictionary and you’ll find Focker’s pic. Keep posting brother, you’re on to something!

Resemblance (in name only)

YHC broke out the big dice for the dicey weather. Here’s how it went down:


4 Big Dice, roll ’em down the field as far as you can, PAX make their way to the dice via Bear Crawl or Crawl Bear and do that number of reps…

First Roll: 17

  • Bear Crawl to Dice
  • 17 Burpees
  • 17 X’s & O’s

Second Roll: 6

  • Crawl Bear to Dice
  • 6 Burpjacks
  • 6 V-Ups

Third Roll: 14

  • Bear Crawl to Dice
  • 14 Burp-N-Merks (Total Merkins = 105)
  • 14 E2K’s (each leg)

PAX circled up and took in 3rdF at this point: “Habits eat Willpower for Breakfast” (see below). After the 3rdF it was a Prison Break back to the parking lot.

PAX partnered up for Partner Push across the parking lot and back, while 5 PAX would rotate over to the swing-set to swap out for AMRAP Swerkins. Most got in…

  • Partner Push – 3 rounds
  • Swerkins – 3 rounds, AMRAP

Round of Mary:

  • 4-Count Freddies – 51 IC (at the hands of YHC)
  • Flutter Kicks – 20 IC (at the hands of Drago)
  • 6″ Hold – 3 rounds of 10-Counts (YHC)

That was a wrap.




  • Announcements: Get the word out about the Memorial Day Mini (CSAUP), menu sign-up will be posted today or tomorrow, and don’t forget to bring a brief bio of a fallen warrior to share sometime during the workout. Roving Ruckf3st Friday will be at CHOP.
  • Prayer: For Fireplex’s dad, Johnny, battling cancer. For YHC’s M’s Uncle Donnie, given a week to a month to live (cancer). For Chauffer’s M and family. And for Quattro’s M’s feet…

Always happy to Q, thanks Mr. Mom for extending the opportunity. Glad to be your stunt double. Can’t wait to see what you unveil at your VQ.

Chappie, out!

The following is the 3rdF shared mid-workout: (Highly adapted from Steve Moore)

I recently heard the statement by Steve Moore that HABITS EAT WILLPOWER FOR BREAKFAST. Good or bad, your habits will dominate your willpower. Period. Hence, the saying in workout circles “You don’t need motivation, you need discipline.” Discipline forges habits and whether you’re trying to make or break a habit, willpower eventually subsides.

Understanding the power of habit is critical! The difference between ordinary and extraordinary in every area of daily life physically, spiritually, relationally, financially, and intellectually, etc. isn’t one shining moment of overachievement. It’s a series of meaningful but modest actions over time.

WILLPOWER CAN GET YOU STARTED, initiating positive change, but [Good] Habits will enable you to follow through consistently.

HABIT FORMATION: There’s common agreement that habits include a REWARD, a ROUTINE, and a CONTEXT.

REWARD: Can be as simple as the feeling of satisfaction you get from doing something that aligns with your goals, makes you feel good, or achieve a desired outcome.

ROUTINE: The specific sequence of actions that produce the reward. This is where your brain connects all the individual action steps and bundles them for retrieval later. (i.e. like getting up and driving here this morning, you didn’t have to think about it step-by-step; it is routine. And that’s the way we want our habits to be.)

CONTEXT: Is any part of the situation or environment that serves as a trigger for the routine. For example: When I started going to F3 workouts in SC, I was a night-owl, always have been. I immediately found it difficult to stay up til 1 or 2 a.m. AND get up to workout. I had willpower, but needed new habits because eventually the old habit of staying up half the night would eat my willpower for breakfast! I’m at my best when I get to bed at a decent time (new habit). The reward is that I’m able to make the workouts and stay physically fit. The routine, as I mentioned the other day, is that I wake up at 4 a.m. no matter what (regardless of whether I’m working out), and the context quite simply is physical fitness, camaraderie (fellowship), and faith (mine is strengthened because of walking through life with you guys and being part of something bigger). I want to engage in these practices because the value is compounded over time. The same could be said for working hard, eating healthy, investing in a friendship, etc.

Yet, because WILLPOWER is a diminishing resource, WILLPOWER must focus on building a habit, not on completing a task (i.e. anybody can do something 1x or 2x…). There’s a difference. WILLPOWER helps establish the context and routine. But the power of habit enables consistency and compounds the benefits/reward over time.

Since there’s great wisdom in the Word of God I’ll leave you with this: The Bible warns against bad habits (which enslave) but it also exalts good habits, discipline, and self-control:

  • 2 Peter 2:12 warns we’re not to be like irrational animals, creatures of instinct, born to be caught and destroyed. Turned into food, clothing, wallets, boots…
  • Prov. 25:28 says, “A man without self-control [good habits] is like a city broken into and left without walls.”
  • Prov. 13:4 “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the diligent (HIM w/good habits) is richly supplied.”
  • 2 Tim. 1:7God have us a spirit NOT of fear but of power and love and self-control.”
  • Gal. 5:22-23But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control; [and the kicker is…] against such things there is no law.” !!!

Habits eat WILLPOWER for breakfast, be sure to develop good ones (habits).

Saturday Sandbags

DATE: 4/30/22

QIC: Chappie

18 PAX won that first battle and posted for “Sandbag Saturday” led by YHC. Shout out to TRex and Gump for adding to the collection of 9 GORUCK bags (varied weights) plus 10 good ol’ fashioned 40lb sandbags. The collection made everyone’s day. Here’s how it went down…


  • SSH – 18 IC
  • Swartzjacks – 18 IC
  • Sealjacks – 54 IC (Since YHC is 54 years respect) *Too many quit! (See 3rdF shared: Slaughter in F3 Nation Newsletter)
  • Windmill – 10 IC

Mosey to the field beside the Presb. Church (where PAX found the beautiful stack of sandbags. PAX circled up for 3rdF. YHC played the audio from Slaughter’s message in the most recent F3 Nation Newsletter (Had planned a 3rdF “Habits Eat Willpower for Breakfast” but Slaughter’s message was too good NOT to share.) Then it was time for sandbag business…


PAX were directed to split up with sandbags: 1/2 at cone #1 and 1/2 40 yards away at cone #2. THE PURPOSE: Keep moving! Run to next cone with sandbag, drop it, run back without. Carry bags at intervals but never pass a bag. Just keep carrying bags and KEEP MOVING. YHC also called out the following exercises throughout the durations:

  • OH Press – 25 OYO
  • Sandbag Squats – 25 (Get low! A2G!)
  • Sand Bears – Cone to cone
  • OH Shoulder Press – 25 OYO

Grand Finale:

  • PAX counted off by 2’s and separated into 2 teams for Sandbag Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Good ol’ fashioned sandbags painted with X’s & O’s (Tic-Tac-Toe painted on center of the field)
  • Teams 70′ apart. Each PAX (in-turn) must do 10 Chest-Bump Merkins on their sandbag before jumping up and carrying it to strategically place it in the Tic-Tac-Toe board. Must return to line before next PAX takes turn.
  • X’s went up 2-0 before the O’s made a come from behind run for the victory. Losers had to do 10 Sandbag Burpees as punishment.

Good fun and healthy competition won the day before we made our way back to the AO.

The only question is…what was Biddie doing? Lol




  • Announcements: Coffeeteria at Dunkin; Memorial Day Mini (CSAUP) coming up, invite everyone; Q Rotation coming out NLT than Sunday afternoon
  • Prayers: Fireplex’s dad – Battling cancer; Quattro’s feet?. YHC encouraged PAX to begin more regularly sharing requests in the COT (i.e. we tend to pray for those outside the circle–neighbors, friends, co-workers–those requests are important, but the idea is for us get real and personal by praying for each other as well).

As always YHC counts it a privilege and is thrilled by the opportunity to Q. Appreciate all the men who posted, to include the 2.0’s (they carried man-sized sandbags and never complained once – that’s fire!)


Chappie, out!

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