You have lead your first workout, now it’s time to post your first Backblast!

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Backblast Instructions

1. Send your info to Looney Tunes using the form above then look out for an email with new log in information. (usually takes him a day or so.) – put it in your passwords book
2. Once you have recovered from your beat down, log into your computer….I’ve never used my phone….
3. Enter the World Wide Web….type in
4. Click on Post Backblast

If you haven’t logged in at this point you should be directed to do so…see your password notes where you stored it and use it to log in….

5. I copy my beatdown from the notes page within my phone and paste that into my email on my phone and send it to myself or other email
6. Go into your email that you used and again copy the beatdown.
7. With your notes copied and logged in click on post (right side third down) a sub category that says add new should show up. If not don’t fear it’s also in the white screen next to the word posts, click that box that says add new…

8. You can now add the title, I typically name mine based on the theme of the beat down.
9. In block below the title, paste your notes.
10. On the right side you will locate a “categories” section. Here you will select the AO that you were at, click the box
11. The next one down from the categories you will find the tags. This is where you enter the HIM who came by their F3 name. I use my video to verify I got everyone.
12. When all of the above has been completed check your work by hitting preview. If it needs work you can easily hit the back button and edit it.
13. When you’re proud of your work, click the publish button.
14. I then log onto on my mobile device and click on backblast, once there click on the one that I just published and hit the box with an arrow on my iPhone, then simply share it in groupme as it allows you to…those with fake phones I’m not sure what to tell you…maybe get a real phone…

– Dunkin

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