Milton Mustard Seed Checkin’ In

Alrighty, alrighty, alrighty….just checking in to see how this thing works.

Have read some of the other Mustard Seed Backblasts, and can’t wait to get back to posting again and getting the rest of our PAX on line. We’ve been posting Backblasts on our Mustard Seed GroupMe app since the end of the previous F3 app, where Backblasts were from everywhere. They were a lot of fun to read and a HUGE disappointment for our guys when the app was shutdown.

Can’t tell you how encouraging I think it will be for our guys to know they’re a part of something so much bigger.

Looking forward to being here more.

Chappie, out!

P.S. per the name of the video clip, readers should know that when we’ve hit “10” guys for a workout, that guy has routinely been referred to as Bo Derek. Might have to add that to the lexicon since getting 10 guys to post is a bit of a celebratory milestone for pioneer Mustard Seeds

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