Can You Just Leave It The Hill Alone

Date: 07/22/2021

AO: CHOP, Milton, DE

QIC: Fireplex

Warm up

SSH – 25 IC

Cherry Pickers – 20 IC

Four Count Freddie’s – 25 IC

Bolt 45’s – 15 squats full up to half way down, 15 squats half way down to full down, & 15 squats full motion.  All completed IC as a 4 count.

Windmills – 20 IC

Mosey @.5 miles to Oh Hill No

The Thang 

The Modified Slugger & Toy Soldier Routine.  Crawl Bear up the Hill and Bear Crawl down and complete 20 Diamond Merkins, 20 wide armed merkins and 20 Hand Release Merkins.  Crawl Bear up the hill and Bear Crawl down and complete a Toy Soldier Set 100 LBC’s, 50 E2K’s each side and 25 Big Boys.  Rinse & Repeat as time allows.

F3 Message

Mosey @ .5 miles back to the AO. 

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, and the Circle of Trust.  Prayers were offered for multiple needs within the attending PAX, but please keep all our HIM in your thoughts and prayers.   

F3 Message 07/22/21


It was the end of the day at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics – only a few thousand spectators were in the stadium as the last of the marathon runners were carried off in exhaustion to the first-aid stations. More than an hour earlier and Ethiopian runner had been the first to cross the finish line in this grueling 26-mile event. As the remaining spectators prepared to leave, they were stopped by the sound of sirens going off and policemen blowing whistles. There, entering the stadium came a lone figure wearing the colors of Tanzania – his name was John Akhwari. He was the last man to finish the marathon.

His leg was bloodied and bandaged, and he grimaced with each step. He had severely injured his knee in a fall, but painfully, he hobbled around the 400-meter track. The spectators who were still there just got to their feet and applauded as if he were the winner. After he crossed the finish line in excruciating pain, he was asked why he hadn’t quit when he had no chance of winning a medal. His answer: “My country did not send me 7,000 miles away to start the race. They sent me 7,000 miles to finish it.”

Well, I’m Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A Word With You today about “Finishing Your Race.”

When God wanted to give us a mental picture of our life and our service for Him, He used an Olympic image – running a race. And you’ve been running the race He set out for you – but you’ve been hurt – you’re running with pain – you’ve been disappointed – you’re bloodied and bandaged. And you may be tempted to drop out of the race. But you haven’t reached the finish line yet.

The great Apostle Paul must have felt that way many times. But we have this report from the finish line – it’s in our word for today from the Word of God in 2 Timothy 4:5-8. He starts out addressing his next generation leader, Timothy – who’s been hammered, discouraged, and considering quitting. “Keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry. For I am already being poured out like a drink offering…” Just imagine an Olympic runner, collapsing as he crosses the finish line, having given all he had to give in the race. “I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith, I have finished the race. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord…will award to me.”

The problem with too many of us is that we run hard for a while – but we quit before the end of the race – when Jesus has called us to be that lone runner who knows he or she was put here to finish the race, no matter how painful it is. Maybe you’re one of those exhausted runners on Team Jesus who says, “Look, I served my time, I worked very hard for the cause – I’ll just step aside and let others do the running now.” Listen – in the service of Jesus Christ, there is no such thing as early retirement! God may change your assignment, but He’ll never leave you without one until the day you see Him!

Maybe you’ve been tempted to quit an assignment God has given you – and He’s coming to you right now saying, “Finish the race.” Run with everything you’ve got, not halfheartedly. Remember, He gave everything He had in His race to rescue you – and even though He was beaten and bloody, Jesus didn’t quit until He had crossed the finish line. Run the whole race – He’ll be waiting to embrace you as you cross that finish line for Him.

Respectfully Submitted,


F3 Workout Coupon Styles

Coupon Styles

After a long weekend celebrating our Independence from that fat jerk the king of England, we were back in the GLOOM at CHOP- Chappie’s House of Pain. I was scheduled to Q next Saturday but I’m taking the kids to the Poconos so I pulled the switcheroo with Vanilla and Cabana.

The F3 Warmup: Done by Cabana:

  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 20 Moroccan Night Club
  • 20 Cherry Pickers
  • 20 Mountain man Poopers
  • 20 Merkins, Palms facing in

Looney Tunes on Q

Mosey around the premises.

Each HIM Grabs a Coupon from the stack, That stack sure is getting a lot of love lately.

The Thang:

Same thing with different Styles,

Round 1: Traditional Style

  • Derkins (Merkins with Feet on your Coupon): 20
  • Coupon Curls: 20
  • Squats Holding the Coupon: 20
  • Big Boys 20
  • Run Across CHOP – Fireplex ran with his Coupon- starting a trend that every HIM kept going.
  • Nur Back
  • 10 Count Recovery

Round 2: Quatro Style

Gloves OFF

  • Derkins (Merkins with Feet on your Coupon): 20
  • Coupon Curls: 20
  • Squats Holding the Coupon: 20
  • Big Boys 20
  • Run Across CHOP with Coupon
  • Nur Back
  • 10 Count Recovery

Round 3: Drago Style

Every exercise is done at a much slower pace, creating more burn.

  • Derkins (Merkins with Feet on your Coupon): 20
  • Coupon Curls: 20
  • Squats Holding the Coupon: 20
  • Big Boys 20
  • Crab Crawl!
  • Nur Back
  • 10 Count Recovery

Round 4: Cabana Style

Every exercise is done 50% more than required. Instead of 20, you do 30. Cabana of course, did 40 since 40 is 50% more than the now required 30

  • Derkins (Merkins with Feet on your Coupon): 20
  • Coupon Curls: 20
  • Squats Holding the Coupon: 20
  • Big Boys 20
  • Run Across CHOP with Coupon
  • Nur Back
  • 10 Count Recovery

3rd F.

From the F3 classic Freed to Lead

For organizations to change in this way a dice cultural shift would be necessary. Men have grown discharging their service obligations via a well-worn boy to them, like Cub Scouts being led through a craft or
This problem, of men passively waiting to be told what to be done rather than actively doing it themselves, has been creeping up on us for a long time. More than thirty yes (1980), George W.S. Trow wrote in The New Yorker that “in important role of a father is to give a son a sense of permission -a sense of what might be done. This still works, but since no adult is supported by the voice of the culture (which is now a childish voice), it does not work well. As a result, Trow wrote, “(i)n the absence of adults, people came to put their trust in experts.”
He sums it up pretty well. The absence of male community leadership has progressively infantilized us, sapping our will toward independence and self-reliance. When we compare sense of what might be done to our culture’s Trow’s sense of what might be done” to our culture’s command to do “what ought to be done”, we can clearly see how far into childish expert-dependence we have descended. Maybe this is why our pastors and other community leaders foist opportunities upon us. Otherwise, nothing would ever get done. Arresting this cultural devolution will require action as bold as the initiative it took to reverse the flow of the Chicago River, but we are confident that it can be done. We have seen it work in F3. Healthy men, brought together in Fellowship and finding themselves driven to serve, are more than able to do so dynamically if given the “sense of permission” cited as lacking by Trow. This, we believe, is how men are wired.

The HIM in action!


Quatro: Today is July 6th.

We kept running and running

Warm o rama

  • 20 ssh
  • 20 grady corn
  • 20 cherry pickers
  • 10 whindmills

The thang

  • PAX came out on a beautiful morning for a modified Cooper routine. PAX ran 1 big lap (roughly .6 miles) followed by 10 burpees 10 merkins 10 Big boy situps and 10 squats followed by another lap. Rinse and repeat we finished up running 3.3 miles!!! Way to get after it HIM!!

3rd F message

Then, the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, 

when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, “Peace be with you.” When He had said this, He showed them His hands and His side. Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord. So Jesus said to them again, “Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” If I were to sum up what Jesus is saying here it would be this. “I send you” In a world of chaos, “I send you” in a world full of hatred “I send you” in a world that doesn’t accept Jesus as their savior” I send you”. To the lowly and lost in spirit “I send 

you” to the friend or family member who has lost their way “I send you”. We are called to be a light in the darkness, but you can’t overcome darkness with more darkness. We have to be the light and it starts with you, it starts with I. You see we can’t wait on others to bring the light, the darkness is already here, we have to bring the light, Jesus said “I send you”. The greatest wildfires are started with the smallest spark. We can be that spark that improves the world. But it starts at home. So remember this when the world around you seems dark and full of hatred, searching for hope, and looking for a sign of kindness. 

Jesus chose you to be the light in the darkness!!

Pre BDay Block Party

Pre BDay Block Party

QIC: Semi/VQ Warmup Whirlybird

15 Cherry pickers
15 merkins
15 marocin nightclubs
20 mountain climbers

The Thang
All HIM grabs a coupon

21s Curls

7 Blockeys

22 Man makers

7 blockeys

22 over head press

7 blockeys

Capri lap around parking lot, side shuffle, nur, side shuffle, mosey

3rd F

21 abyss merkins, borrow part of your fellow HIMs coupon

7 big boys w/coupon

22 lawn mower starters, right arm

7 big boys w/coupon

22 lawn mower starters, left arm

7 big boys w/coupon

Capri lap around parking lot, side shuffle, nur, side shuffle, mosey

22 squats w/coupon

42 single count American hammers w/coupon

10 i/c merjacks

Return coupons

Lt. Dan across parking lot


15 HIM showed today: Woodstock, Chattahoochee, Chappie, Chairman, Ruxpin, Toy Soldier, Summit, Vanilla, Semi, Whirlybird, Ying Ying, Drago, Struedel, FNG(Flatbottom), FNG(Cabana)

No name beatdown

QIC Chattahoochee

14 PAX including an FNG post on a beautiful Tuesday morning at the CHOP to take part in Drago’s warm up VQ ( Good job brother) After the warm up Chattahoochee took over we had a nice friendly mosey to the rear of the original HOB elementary to have fun on the play ground starting with a toy soldier set 50LBCs, 30E2Ks, 20 BIGBOYS. followed up by a little CINDY to work on that beach body for the upcoming CSAUP. 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins 15 squats rinse and repeat 10 times. Before we headed back to the AO another toy soldier set 30,20,10 then a nice friendly mosey back to the CHOP just in time to name the FNG . Matt Cranford F3 Code red

No Excuse November

DATE: 11/3/20 **ELECTION DAY**

QIC: Chappie

Turned out to be yet another Baker’s Dozen consisting of the 13 HIM who won THAT FIRST BATTLE and posted on the first truly cool gloom workout of Fall 2020. Bad weather cannot stop these men–No Excuse November has begun!

Here’s the skinny: YHC tried to bring some new exercises to the Gloom…


  • SSH – 18 IC
  • Windmill – 18 IC
  • Imperial Walker – 18 IC
  • WTHEKS – 18 IC
    • (What The HEKS = High Elbow Knee Slide) [Bearcrawl position. Alternate raising high elbows up & over your back, twist & slide opposite knee under. Rinse & Repeat]
  • Cherry Pickers – 15 IC
  • Swartzjacks – 18 IC



  • Broad Jump Squats – 10 rounds OYO
    • [BJ, squat, turn around in air, BJ back, squat, turn around, BJ, rinse and repeat]
  • Partner Pushes – 3 rounds across the lot & back, alternating who pushes
  • Lunge Thrusts – 3rounds per leg
    • [Lunge right leg, thrust high knee following lunge. 5 reps same leg. Swap. Rinse & Repeat]
  • BPJ’s, (Bad Parking Jobs) a.k.a. Line Touches
    • [Side-shuffle, touch parking line, side-shuffle back, touch parking line. Rinse & Repeat]


  • Curbside Carolinas [Feet together, up on curb, butt in air, Carolina Drydock] – AMRAP OYO, resting means your finished. Ruxpin was last man standing
  • Shmerkin – 5 rounds OYO
    • (Shuffle Merkins) [Plank position, shuffle right 3 “steps”, 5 Merkin, shuffle left 3 “steps”, 5 Merkins Rinse & repeat]
  • Swerkins – 5 reps, boosted to 10 Reps at half, swap w/partner, while remaining PAX ☆RR Tracks across lot, mosey back, rinse & repeat til all PAX work through the RR Tracks

☆ Mosey 30, 20, 10 around the short block

3rdF Beak in Action | YHC shared the following:

Years ago Lt. Sakowski was the leader of our Field Artillery survey team when I served in PA’s 28th ID BTRY F 109th FA. After completing a successful mission during a field training exercise, Lt. Sakowski and our Platoon Sergeants decided to reward our team’s hard work with a bit of what I’ll call a “field picnic” — after several days of eating MRE’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we were ready for a change! They’d snuck back to the PX and picked up some rolls, cold-cuts, lettuce, tomato, pickles and some other snacks, etc.

Our Lt. had scouted out an “off the grid” spot and in the midst of making our way there with 3-4 vehicles right behind his, Lt. Sakowski’s driver hit the brakes, and our Lt. stood up to extend through the top of his uncovered/topless 1/4-ton Jeep and began shouting to turn around and high-tail it back to where we’d come from. Based on the nature of his commands, the tone of his voice, and the look on his face, nobody asked a question and we got out of there fast!

Once we finally made it to the location he’d originally picked, Lt. Sakowski owned up to what he had done — he discovered he was leading our small convoy directly through the middle of an Impact Area! For those unfamiliar with what that is, it’s an area where bombs are dropped and into which Artillery and other weapons are fired during live-fire training exercises. I.e. YOU DON’T WANT TO BE IN AN IMPACT AREA!!

Outside of the fact that if you’re in there you’re a target), the moral of the story is that everyone one of us in our artillery survey team, not to mention everyone in my entire unit, would’ve followed Lt. Sakowski anywhere, especially into battle! He was a rare leader! He was a proven leader! He was a humble leader. He was a great leader who was highly respected by all. His leadership was defined by consistently leading well on all occasions, not by that single incident of taking us into an extremely dangerous area. Even in that moment he took full responsibility of what could’ve been a catastrophic mistake.

Let’s go ahead and call it “NO EXCUSE NOVEMBER,” not just in terms of posting or not posting, but in all we do. We’d all do well to stop making excuses and blaming others for failures. We’d do well to own up to OUR mistakes (and sins) so that we’re able to learn from them and grow into better leaders as a result…better leaders in our homes, in our workplaces, and in the communities in which we serve. We’d do well to take ownership and responsibility and lead even where someone else has come up short.

One biblical example of this that I’m thinking of is Peter… He exhorted the elders as a “fellow elder in 1 Peter 5:1 to, “Shepherd the flock of God among you…” Where did those words come from? See John 21 where, at a post-resurrection breakfast along the beach, Jesus pulled Peter aside and asked him 3 times, “Peter, do you love Me?” Each time Peter responded with, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you” and each time Jesus responded with, “then shepherd my sheep.” Remember Peter was the one who openly denied Christ. He was a failed leader, a broken leader. In all practicality, we assume Peter’s repentance, his ownership of sin and failure. He was humbled and broken; but lesson learned he was restored and then Jesus recommissioned him with the words…follow me!


Here’s what YHC had planned next:

  • Big Boy Heal Touches
    • [Lying flat, arms extend on ground behind head. 1 knee upward toward chest, torso up extending both arms to touch both sides of same heal, back down, raise to opposite heal, back down. Rinse & repeat]
  • Crazy Dolly
    • [On six, hands in ground near hips, torso in recliner position. Feet at 6″, spread out like Dolly, bring feet together, then knees to chest, back out, spread feet like Dolly, feet back together, knees to chest. Rinse & repeat]
  • Boardwalk Big Boys
    • [Partner hold feet, six on edge of Boardwalk Bench, lay back 1/2 – 3/4, back up. Consistent motion. 5 reps, swap with partner, rinse & repeat]
  • Boardwalk Liars
    • [Partner holds feet, lie on stomach with upper torso extended over edge, hands behind head, lower down then back up. 5 reps, swap with partner. AMRAP while other PAX☆RR Tracks across lot, mosey back]


  • Rosie – AC/DC version, 05:36 mins. of Rosalita! (Extra credit if done at home)
  • Dragon Tires
  • RR Tracks across the field
  • Wall Work

We ran out of time, so Here’s what we actually did:

  • Mary – 3 rounds: 4-Count Freddies (Quattro); American Hammers (Woodstock); Flutter Kicks (Leatherman)


  • Announcements: Another fundraiser 5k coming up, Quattro to push out the details to PAX on Groupme; Woodstock likely to miss 11/5 VQ due to travels and looking to swap Q’s with another PAX. BIG NEWS: Today was last day single “reeespect” for Streudel, tomorrow the beast turns 60 and gains double-reeespect in the COT! Remember, it’s No Excuse November” so lets be HIM, eliminate the excuses we’re prone to make, and, who knows, perhaps we’ll develop some new habits that’ll carry us beyond November.
  • PRAYERS: It’s Election Day… nuf said; Chattahoochee’s 2.0, Taylor, recovering from tonsillectomy; Woodstock safe travels to pick up a plane; etc.

~Chappie, out!

Parking lot Cones…& a few merkins

Warmup – IC 

Windmills – 15

Moroccan NC- 15

SSH- 15 

Cherry Picker – 15 

Mountain climbers- 15

Imperial walker – 15 

2 flag patriot run to large parking lot by church. 

For……. 10 cones revisited. 

Inch worm to cone 1 

11 Merkin 

Nur back 

Burpee  broad jump to cone 2 

12 merkins

Nur back 

Lt dan to cone 3 

13 merkins 

Nur back

High knees to cone 4

14 merkins 

Nur back 

Mosey to cone 5

15 merkins 

Nur back

Side shuffle to cone 6

16 merkins

Nur back 

Side shuffle to cone 7 

17 merkins 

Nur back 

Karaoke to cone 8 

18 merkins

Nur back 

Karaoke to cone 9 

19 merkins 

Nur back 

Lunge to cone 10 

20 merkins 

Nur back 

3rd F message- 

Before leaving the lot , get a round of 10 cone Abs ! At each cone pax would do lbc’s – 5x the number of cone they were at …

Mosey to 10 cone

50 lbc 

Mosey back 

Mosey to 9 cone 

45 lbc 

Mosey back  


At cone 5 switched to The American Hammer / Lunge combo 

Finishing of at cone 1 with 5 American Hammers 

3rd F continued 

Mosey back to AO 


Name – a- Rama 
WELCOME FNG – “ Pusher “


A little leg, chest, and abs


20 seal jacks i/c

21 crab flipper i/c

20 plank jacks i/c

20 harry rockets i/c

Mosey across street. Side shuffle to firehouse, switch halfway

20 ssh i/c

20 Imperial walkers i/c

20 Windmill i/c

20 seal wave i/c

The Thang

Mosey to  Richard Allen School

10 swerkins

Lunge the width of court

10 swerkins

Backwards lunge width of court

10 swerkins

Lt. Dan width of court

3rd F

Go After God’s Heart • Devotional

10 swerkins

Dan Lt. Width of court

10 swerkins

Lunge width of court

10 swerkins

Backwards lunge width of court

Litter pick up. That’s a good Q jack(Ruxpin).

Mosey back to circle

15 derkins

10 bench squats

15 urkins

Toy soldier set

50 lbc

25 e2k

10 big boys

15 derkins

10 per leg split squats

15 urkins

Toy soldier set

25 lbc

15 e2k

10 big boys

Short round of Mary

10 V ups i/c

20 American hammers i/c

10 outlaws each direction oyo

Number Rama

Name Rama


15 HIM showed today: Semi, Doubtfire, Fireplex, Toy Soldier, Biddie, Polar, Bolt, Yukon, Extra Credit, Twoninner, Quarto, Ruxpin, Swabbie, Vanilla, Gblock

Different Muscle Groups 2.0


20 seal jacks i/c

20 seal wave i/c

20 plank jacks i/c

20 harry rockets i/c

Capri lap around parking lot

Side shuffle, nur, side shuffle, mosey

20 ssh i/c

20 Imperial walkers i/c

20 Windmill i/c

21 crab FLIPPER

The Thang

1 HIM moseys out back drive and back.

Rest of Pax do the following exercises as many times as possible;

Coupon Squats


Abyss merkins

Manmaker merkins

Log row

Tire flip


Coupon carry

Big boys

Coupon curl

3rd F

Play The Man • Devotional

Round 2




14 HIM showed today: Semi, Gump, Fireplex, Ruxpin, Waterboy, Streudel, Summit, Vanilla, Chattahoochee, Chairman, Quarto, Toy Soldier, Whaler, Doubtfire





F3 Nation, Inc. (“F3″) is a peer-led, zero-cost non-profit workout group. F3 makes no representations with regard to the skill level of workout leaders, the safety of the exercises performed during workouts or the hazardousness of the premises upon which workouts are conducted. The men who lead F3 workouts are not paid to do so and no representations of any kind are made by F3 about their skill level. The premises upon which F3 workouts are conducted are not owned or maintained by F3. F3 makes no representations of any kind regarding their safety. Although F3 workouts vary widely in intensity, all F3 workouts tend to be rigorous and are undertaken upon uneven ground during periods of limited visibility. Therefore, there are certain dangers inherent in participating in an F3 workout. Participants must be 18 or older and are assumed to have made their own reasonable decision as to whether they should so participate. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a father or male legal guardian. F3 disclaims any and all responsibility for any individual’s decision to participate in an F3 workout. By participating in an F3 workout, an individual assumes the risks inherent in doing so. This Disclaimer and Notice is made by F3 on its own behalf and on the behalf and for the benefit of any person leading an F3 workout and/or otherwise acting for the benefit of F3.

Warmup –  

19 of each IC 







Mosey to old Napa – 

F3 is a national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Toy soldier set 40-20- 10

Hold plank til 6 is in 

Circle up – One PAX does 25 merkins 

While all other PAX do squats. As soon as merkins are done , next pax jumps in and does 25 merkins while everyone else continues squats.  Go until everyone has done 25 merkins. 

Mosey to random spot on a Georgetown street.  


We welcome men of all fitness levels to our workouts and have no requirement for membership other than that you show up at the appointed time and place and follow what the workout leader (the “Q” in F3 lingo) does.

The F3 Credo is: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

PAX line up for round of 11’s- 

One end-  burpees starting with 10 

Side shuffle to designated spot.

For 1 big boy.  Shuffle back. 

continue until done 10 big boy and 1 burpee. 

Stop after 6 burpees  and 5 big boy. 

Circle up and 

Break into groups of 3 – This time pax take turn doing  25 merkins while others are doing lunges

Mosey to Church lot.  

F3– Our workouts …

  • •Are free of charge
  • •Are open to all men
  • •Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  • •Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  • •End with a Circle of Trust

Finish 11s of burpees and big boys. 

From 5 burpees / 6 big boys.  

Circle up and 

In groups of 3 – Another round of 25 merkins while remaining pax do squats. 

Mosey back to circle. 

An F3 Core Principle is to end each Workout with a Circle Of Trust, what we call the COT. Like most things F3, the COT was not part of the original design. It evolved to fill a need. Men told us that they didn’t feel right just jumping in their cars after the Workout without some type of minor ceremonial send off. So we conjured up the COT, which is where we recognize each man individually and say a brief prayer.

Within the COT, we often find ourselves asking the Creator for help at being better husbands, fathers, friends, mentors and workers. We don’t know the source of this particular petition, it just came about and seemed to spread across F3Nation. It is a recognition that as men, we yearn to be better at the things we were created to be, and have learned the hard way that we cannot do it alone. We need help. We need truth that is hard-earned and hard-learned. We need Wisdom.

But which of us is wise? How do we know what we are hearing is Wisdom and not the song of a fool? How are we to discern the voice of the shepherd from that of the wolf?

Because the Q is a Leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome, he is also a man who seeks help answering these questions. In turn, because he is part of a Community, he is obligated to help other men find them as well. The source of the Q’s Wisdom, the QSource, is best discovered through the mutual iron-sharpening that occurs when people unite and search for answers together, the old-fashioned way.

Toy soldier set 40-20-10

Hold plank until 6 is in

Circle up in groups of 3 and Repeat the 25 merkins / lunges 



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