All around Beatdown

6 HIM showed up in the foggy gloom for an all around beat down.  We stayed in the park, But hey, there is always fun to be had  in the park!

Warm up -IC 

SSH 20 Windmills-

10Moroccan NC- 20

Mountain climbers – 10 

Cherry pickers – 20 

Imperial Walkers – 10 

Mosey around Park and back to basketball courts 

PAX will do AMRAP of exercises until someone reaches 100.  Once 100 is reached by one man, other men finish off to the next closest increment of 10.       Each exercise is interrupted  by a run around the park.

Exercises –


2. SSH

3. Flutter kicks 

4. Merkins

5. Split jacks 

Break for 3rd F

6. Squats

7. Hello dolly

8. Shoulder Taps 

9. American Hammer 

10. Burpees…… We each did 10.


COT –     

Remember Chairman’s mother as she endured another surgery and in recovery awaiting more test results. 

3rd F- shared about emotions of 9/12 after 9/11.  And how HIM need to live daily with intentional heightened emotion and passion.

We all remember exactly where we were when he heard of the 9/11 attacks.  Some were near by, some working, some sleeping , but most of us remember watching as the the day unfolded , with all sorts of emotions, uncertainty, anger , speculation , fear , concern and helplessness. I know where I was. But do you remember the feeling on the morning of the 12th?  Some of us couldn’t sleep. Some of us just wanted to be able to call a friend , family member or just go home.    I was in college. I went to an all male, trade school outside of Philly.  Close enough to the airport that is was eerily quiet when you stepped outside and didn’t hear planes.  Campus was near a train station and multiple times many of us tried to get on , to head north and help.  Do whatever we could. But were  denied every Time.   I watched people sneak on, do whatever they could to get closer to help.  Some wanted to get to the city to check on family, friends , etc.  some just wanted to help. Some how. I had one instructor who was a previous employee of the railroad… he got on with his badge and after two days was able to get up to ground zero.   He helped on a bucket line, he helped feed people, he helped anyway he could.  I already respected this man immensely. Fought in two wars, seen what most of us will never see, overcame obstacles in life that many of us couldn’t imagine…. but when he came home weeks later.  He was a different man.  It took him 6 months to be able to talk about it.    You see, up there he saw horror, things nightmares are made of, carried body parts, carried people, peoples belongings, even found people that he knew … just not in a condition that you would want to.  Ever. But… he also saw pride, unity, respect, love , passion, vigor, relentlessness, and so much more he couldn’t put into words.  He saw America At its best just days after what seems it’s worst.  It is these emotions that people felt on 9/12. I know we raised our flag on 9/12 with pride, stood at attention a little taller and even though it didn’t go up as high as is usually did. She went up.  And flags went up all across the country.  On overpasses , in front yards , on cars , at work, on desks and seemingly everywhere you looked.  UNITY. PRIDE.  Also on 9/12 , many left their homes differently than before.  Maybe a longer hug, a meaningful kiss and ‘I love you’. A vivid reminder that no day is promised. And the future is unpredictable. As HIM , we need to be sure we are living out daily lives , especially every morning intentionally and with passion and vigor.  Loving those closest to us and making sure they know.  Through tragedy , we often see things differently …. but how long does it last?  That is up to you and me. We need to be the men who cherish life daily and live it to its fullest.  Never forgot what’s closest to you on any day. Your God. Your country. Your family.  

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