What Thunderstorms??

4 HIM braved the storm this morning for what turned into a ‘nice’ hour of no rain.   But of course two men started their mornings early with a Ruck from Milton…. interrupted by a few flashes of lighting and some thunder, but still managed to get in 5+ miles??  Chappie and Leatherman setting the pace and a higher standard…. well done. 

Warm-UP                                                                                                                    SSH – 25   Cherry picker- 20 Moroccan NC- 15 Bolt 45s   IC  Standing to 1/2- 15  Half to full- 15   Full Deep Squats – 15 Moroccan NC – 10. Cherry picker – 15 SSH -20                                                                                                                              
Mosey to courthouse lot                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          4 corners –                                                                                                                    1st corner- 10 burpees    Nur to 2nd corner    2nd corner- 50 merkins (20 reg, 15 diamond, 15 wide )   Lt Dan to 3rd corner                                                                                                                         3rd corner- 100 lbc – nice steady pace         NUR To corner 4   4th corner- 50 dips   Bear Crawl Back to starting point                                                                               
Mosey to field by ballpark                                                                                            
Toy soldier set – IN Cadence                                                                          Shoulder taps -20  In Cadence                                                                            Merk and rolls – 20 oyo                                                                                                              
Mosey back to courthouse lot 
3rd F-       Consistency- in growth and counsel.                                                                                                                            
Set of 11s  11 deep squats Burpee broad jump to line 11 big boy  Lunge Walk back 10 deep squats. Burpee broad jump to line   10 Big Boys Lunge Walk Back Repeat to 1 squat and 1 big ol boy            
Mosey to circle 
NAME-A-RAMA                                                                                                        COT   

3rd F-  HIM are consistent. Consistency comes from a desire for growth and staying in counsel. Growth- you’ve never arrived. I’ve heard it said you are either growing or dying. In this world there is no such thing as stagnant. You’re moving forward or backwards.  HIM focus on doing the daily things that move them forward.  Yes, there are setbacks-  but identifying them , rectifying them properly and pressing on, chisels you more and more Into the man you are meant to be.  Ways to grow- Read. Listen. Study. Allow yourself to be stretched. Associate with other men who are in life where you want to be or committed to getting there with you. 
Counsel- I’ll never follow a man who isn’t being lead.  Every one of us needs to be in some form of transparent counsel.  Someone who can offer us a 30000 ft view and help us with our blind spots. This can be at work, in your business, within the community , church or home. All areas of life will benefit from proper counsel.  I’m not talking about Social media opinions or break room water cooler talk- this is one on one man to man counsel. Iron sharpening iron. 
These are just two areas – but effect every aspect of who we are as HIM. 
If you are not consistent- you will not be loyal, you will not be trusted, you will not be counted on , and maybe most of all you will not be performing at the high level a true leader should be. I didn’t even like writing that last paragraph that way because I like to focus on the positive , so I’ll end it like this- When you are consistent – you will be a loyal friend, co-worker, business owner,  husband , father , grandfather, son and member of the community. A trusted go-to man who because you have prepared, you are ready for any situation- a man that can be counted on.  Most of all you’ll be and continue  to become the leader of your life and in your home  – which is where we are needed most.

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